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Free PHP - mySQL - CGI Hosting Directory

This page is dedicated to keeping track of free php / mysql / cgi hosting providers on the net.

  Rating mySQL  CGI  Visits
freedom2surf                         2373
Digicom FreePHP                         - 3037
Portland Communications                         2738
Spaceports                         1100
DK3                         1145                         1130
Barry's World                         - - 587
pSend                         - - 467
LunarPages                         - - 358
Xoasis                         - 309
FateBack                         - - 303
IndyHosting                         - - 390

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How to use this site:
  • The TalkBack area at the end of each review features user comments that can be very insightful and also helpful.
  • Don't miss the Forums, if you are looking for a solution to a particular problem or want to have a general idea of what's going on.
  • Have a look at the news to know what is hot.
  • A lot of the most interesting PHP sites are listed in the resources section.
  • You are our eyes and ears. So if you know of any free hosting service that is not listed, or if you find outdated information, please let us know...
So, we hope you'll enjoy this site.

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